How to get rid of Mattresses

by on 14/07/2013 - 11:19 am

Gone are the days of freely dumping old mattresses in skip bins, and although council refuse collections pick up old mattresses, most go to landfill - and over a million old mattresses are thrown out by Australians every year.  Mattresses take up a huge 'air' volume in landfill and are literally filled with many kilograms of recyclable and reuseable materials.  Some skip bin companies won't allow old mattresses in their bins, some charge extra for them, some allow mattresses in the bins, but want to be informed beforehand else there will be an extra fee charged.  So it begs thinking about alternative disposal options for your old mattresses.  I'd never heard of it before today, but there are organisations around Australia that accept, and some collect, old mattresses for recycling and restoration.  Mattresses are filled with many kilograms of steel, wood and foam.  The steel can by melted down and reused; the wood processed into woodchip for mulch or particleboard; and the foam used for carpet underlay.  Relatively clean mattresses can be deep cleaned and sanitised and made available to hostels, motels and charitable organisations.  There is a small fee to the disposer of the mattress, but it's in the range of $15-$25 and this is probably comparable to the fee to put the mattress in a skip bin - and if it's not already, it probably will be soon!  One forward thinking council in Western Australia, Eastern Metropolitan Regional Council, has a mattress recycling service for residents - for an extremely low fee.  Do a Google on mattress recycling and see what comes up - it's quite interesting.  I know where my old 20 year old mattress will be going soon!

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