Free Laundry when you purchase a kitchen

by on 14/07/2013 - 09:57 am

How to get a free new laundry when you purchase a new kitchen! 

Kitchen plan

 As a RenoSave Card devotee, now that I'm undertaking a reasonably sizeable renovation on my PPOR (principal place of residence or 'own home') I'm replacing a very tired old (and rat-smelly) kitchen with a brand new one from Kitchen Connection.  With the 25% discount that RenoSave Card Holders get with Kitchen Connection, I saved $3,391 on my kitchen, without any compromises in my needs and wants whatsoever.  My house badly needs a new laundry as well, so I asked Kitchen Connection to design me an attractive neat and functional one, and according to the design, gorgeous it is going to be!  The cost of my laundry is $2,278 (including cabinets, benchtops, laundry tub and mixer), so it's essentially free!  And I did choose Caesarstone benchtops for the laundry.  Some people might go on holidays with a spare $3000.  Some might buy some great home theatre equipment, or have a fashion spending spree.  Me, I buy a laundry.  Perhaps my love of renovating has gone a little to far!  Still, the value of the house will have increased nicely by the time these all-important areas have been beautifully remodelled and improved by Kitchen Connection, and that's a pretty good feeling.

A classic example of how RenoSave saves you serious money on your renovations and home improvments.