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Bath Resurfacing with Dudley and Sons

by on 18/07/2013 - 03:35 pm

It seems to be a thing that happens a lot in the older houses the baths are either pitted and marked, have been painted unsuccessfully before or are a lovely shade of Pink!!!

The bath at this reno was solid but really not presentable. Our usual don't spend money where you don't have to applied so what to do ...

To remove the bath meant extra cost in removing asbestos sheeting, and getting the carpenter in and new replacement sheets.  All of this was going to add up to a pretty penny.

I called Stephen from Dudley and Sons who was really helpful and he gave me a quote and I got my Reno Save discount and booked myself in for a "Like New bath!"

   This is the bath before.  It has seen better days but it is a nice deep bath and solid
 Masking up    The boys were really careful about looking after everthing and made sure things were masked up 
     Now this is not your everyday cleaner and it really is strong smelling stuff so if you have babies around  I'd take them out for the day 
 Removing any dust    After the cleaning it's ready to get down to business.  Dust is the enemy so it's not a good idea to have these guys in when you have other tradesman that may be making a mess

5 Ways to add Value to your property

by on 14/07/2013 - 03:02 pm

5 Ways to Add Value to your property

When you don't have the money to spend but need to increase value in your property fast you really have to look for what is going to give you the biggest bang for your buck.  These days there is a paint product for just about anyting - including your appliances, and it really delivers great bang for your buck.



Tile Paint

Are your bathroom tiles looking a little tired or do you simply want to change the colour of your décor? Then consider White Knight’s new Tub ‘n’ Tile as a cost effective way to transform your tiles, bath and vanity. For the fraction of the price of a bathroom renovation, you can give your bathroom a new lease on life in three simple steps. Just clean, prime and paint for an instant refreshing look. Hint: use white paint to open up the room and make it airy and clean.



Cheap Kitchen Renovation

If your kitchen cupboards have seen better days, simply transform them with White Knights laminate paint. Inexpensive and easy to use, you can paint over existing cupboards for a cheap kitchen renovation. However, if your cupboards are looking just fine, consider a new and updated look by changing the handles and drawer pulls. Bunnings stores offer a variety of shapes and styles which can suit your home for a small price.  Don;t forget that you can get a paint for the appliances now and the benchtops.



Paint and Profit

Why not give your property some new street appeal with a good coat of paint. This is a simple job for anyone and is one of the most significant ways to add value to your property. Visit Kennards Hire all across Australia and ask about their airless spray painting equipment. Sprayers can handle most paint jobs and this quick and easy process will leave you with more time to concentrate on other areas – such as repainting the roof. Your whole property will look like new. Grapb your RenoSave card and pick up some paint at Wattyl at trade rates.



Outdoor Living

Spring means longer days and the chance to bring the outside inside. Outdoor living has become an integral part of the Australian lifestyle so why not create a place for you or your tenants to relax and harmonise with the environment. Build a simple deck outside your backdoor or lay pavers to create an intimate courtyard. These are not hard to do, are inexpensive and will add value to your property whilst increasing the rent. 



Low Cost Landscaping

As a landlord it is important to concentrate on how your landscaping can be inexpensive and also add value to your property. Consider a garden that is easy to maintain whilst being drought resistant.  Instant landscaping includes removing excess foliage around the property to create more space, adding plants in pots for a structured and neat appearance and using climbing plants to mask unsightly walls while providing instant privacy.   For more information see the Reno Kings article: Landscaping for Landlords.


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