The Essential Guide To Buying A Skylight


Published: 05/12/2017

by Wholesale Skylights


By following these few simple tips, you will be able to purchase and install a skylight that will add value to your house, improve the appearance and character of your house, and decrease your electricity bills.

Read this before you buy a skylight


Skylights are an excellent way of introducing natural light into your home, thereby reducing your electricity bills and giving your house a bright appearance. Natural light is not only free, but it also reduces eye strain, when you are performing focus intensive tasks. By installing a skylight you will also be adding value to your house, and improving the eco-friendliness of your property. Before you buy a skylight it is important that you do research to ensure that you are not let down by a poor quality product. Here are 4 tips to ensuring that you buy a skylight that will meet your expectations.


Buy Quality


There are so many brands and styles of skylights on the market, including some extremely cheap imported versions. Many people install these cheap options, as they reason that the function of a skylight is very simple, and therefore you should not waste money buying a high end one. Unfortunately, many of these imported skylights use poor quality materials and the workmanship is poor. This can result in skylights that leak through the joins. Many of these leaking skylights have ultimately caused major moisture in roof cavities requiring costly repairs.



Buy a hail proof skylight


As skylights are installed on your roof, they are exposed to the brunt of the natural elements. They are exposed to rain, storms, hail and intense heat and UV exposure. If a skylight is not UV protected it will quickly weaken and will not survive when there is an intense storm. Some skylights are manufactured from poor quality plastic that while UV protected is not durable enough to cope with hail storms. Modern high-quality hail proof skylights have been designed to withstand intense hail storms, and even come with a 10-year guarantee. By making the initial outlay of funds to purchase a hail proof skylight, you could easily save your money many times over in the long run


Buy a self-ventilating skylight


A self ventilating skylight works in much the same way as a whirlybird, or roof ventilator. The roof cavity of a house can become extremely hot during the summer house. The heated roof cavity radiates heat throughout the house. By installing a self-ventilating skylight the heated air is released, thereby cooling your house in summer.


Use professional skylight installers


When a skylight is installed properly it will be entirely waterproof. Unfortunately when installed incorrectly a skylight can introduce moisture into your roof cavity. In order to efficiently filter light into a room, it needs to be installed in the proper location. Professional installers will compensate for the internal structures of your roof cavity so that major renovations can be avoided. Skylights work very well when used in conjunction with batt insulation, a professional skylight installer will ensure that they are optimized to work in the most efficient manner.