The Demolition Yard


Published: 07/04/2013

by Viv Halliday



Doing a renovation the other day as you do   - old house you know how it is once you touch one thing you find a million more.  Well I came across a great little resource - I mean I had always know they existed but this one was the bee's knees.  The Demolition Yard.  It has the largest range of windows and doors I have ever seen  and of course the normal bits like timber and VJ's.  The guys that run the show are

 characters as well which makes the visit even more fun.  I loved that they even have the quirky thinks like pink Basins and yoyo's.  

I guess the moral of the story is not to forget the small out of the way demolition yards for that bit of molding, or door or casement.  When you are dealing with an old house you will find most things there and at a cheaper price than the generic hardware.  (I paid $5 for my 3m piece of scotia!)

The retro look has really made a come back and you can get away with keeping some old fittings and modernising the tiles it can make a great statement.

If you are in Brisbane I can highly recommend The Demolishion Yard at Coorparoo - call Peter or John on 3397 0166