Ten Reasons Why You Need To Reconsider Your Kitchen Sink Mixer


Published: 21/11/2014

by Bruce Stanton


Ten Reasons Why You Should Consider

Hey Presto Instant Electric Hot Water Taps

For Your Renovation





Hey Presto Taps

Will Save and reduce your hot water Electricity bill by up to 80% !!!!.  Electricity is only used when the HOT WATER Tap is in use.


Hey Presto Taps

Will Save your Water Billthe Tap provides instant HOT WATER no wasting precious water going down the drain waiting for the cold water to get hot.


Hey Presto Taps

Are a unique master piece that requires NO BIG STORAGE TANKS eating up your electric bill and is space saving.


Hey Presto Taps

Never run out of hot water, There is No TANK providing instant Hot Water on demand always.


Hey Presto Taps

Are The Only Electric Instant Hot Water Tap in Australia that is fully accredited with Australian Standards, WELS – WaterMark.


Hey Presto Taps


The Tap installs directly onto any sink top where ever you need hot water. Connects directly to the existing plumbing pipes the Taps built in technologies turns the ambient water to hot or cold in 4 seconds.


Hey Presto Taps

The Tap is a stylish Italian design. Suitable for  Home – Kitchen - Bathroom – Office – Temporary Units - Caravans – Shed – Factory – Laundry – Boats - Barbeque area.


Hey Presto Taps

Savings on replacements.  State of the art technology construction eliminates any lime or mineral build up on the element or heat exchange chamber.


Hey Presto Taps

Environmental savings The efficient operation eliminates noxious emissions.
Health benefitsReduces bacterial contact from sedimentation build up.

Hey Presto electricappliances incorporate an operational systems and safety features that provide the safest appliances on the market today


                                    The waste is over!

Hey Presto Tankless Hot Water Systemsis rapidly becoming a house hold name NO other domestic electrical Hot Water appliance on the market today can achieve the full climate change criteria necessary to reduce the wastefulness of our most precious commodities.