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The Gold Coast Builders points out that most builders have many teams in the constructions & hence communication gets lost while re-explaining the requirements, and hence Chinese whisper.. thus we need a builder who handles all the requirements.

The Demolition Yard

Published: 07/04/2013 by Viv Halliday

Finding the right thing for your renovation may not be at the hardware store - especially if it's an old house

Judith Taylor is an amazing buyers Agent in the Newcastle - She really knows her stuff and is helping many an investor to get in to this hot market. Lots of different strategies are available - here is an example for you

Great Article

Published: 19/07/2013 by Sonya Matthews

Jessica and Melissa’s decision to buy their first renovation property was based on exhaustive research – an approach that runs in the family. “Our parents bought two ‘buy and hold’ investment properties.

Renovations the "In" thing

Published: 19/07/2013 by Renovate Smart in Renovation

HIA Report says renovations accounted for around 31 Billion worth of work last year

Resurfacing a Bath

Published: 19/07/2013 by Viv Halliday in Renovation

Need a new bath but don't want the hassle or cost of pulling out the old one - Then try professional respraying

Top 5 Renovation ideas

Published: 08/06/2012 by Property Women

5 Ways to Add Value to your property

Here are some suggested cheap renovations to add instant equity to your property

How to get a free new laundry when you purchase a new kitchen! 

Ponds are a fantastic addition to your backyard. Watching your fish swim happily about is relaxing and enjoyable. But do you have a pond that promotes the health of your fish?

Huge advances in wireless home automation systems put the handling and management of a property’s electric services such as security, lighting, access control, temperature control, irrigation and domestic appliances in the palm of your hand.