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The Gold Coast Builders points out that most builders have many teams in the constructions & hence communication gets lost while re-explaining the requirements, and hence Chinese whisper.. thus we need a builder who handles all the requirements.

The Demolition Yard

Published: 07/04/2013 by Viv Halliday

Finding the right thing for your renovation may not be at the hardware store - especially if it's an old house

Judith Taylor is an amazing buyers Agent in the Newcastle - She really knows her stuff and is helping many an investor to get in to this hot market. Lots of different strategies are available - here is an example for you

Great Article

Published: 19/07/2013 by Sonya Matthews

Jessica and Melissa’s decision to buy their first renovation property was based on exhaustive research – an approach that runs in the family. “Our parents bought two ‘buy and hold’ investment properties.

Renovations the "In" thing

Published: 19/07/2013 by Renovate Smart in Renovation

HIA Report says renovations accounted for around 31 Billion worth of work last year

Top 5 Renovation ideas

Published: 08/06/2012 by Property Women

5 Ways to Add Value to your property

Here are some suggested cheap renovations to add instant equity to your property

How to get a free new laundry when you purchase a new kitchen! 

Ponds are a fantastic addition to your backyard. Watching your fish swim happily about is relaxing and enjoyable. But do you have a pond that promotes the health of your fish?

Huge advances in wireless home automation systems put the handling and management of a property’s electric services such as security, lighting, access control, temperature control, irrigation and domestic appliances in the palm of your hand.

Concrete is tough. It’s made to last. It’s made to take a beating and still stand up strong, stable and resilient. It’s not meant to give in easily. But with the right tools it can be pretty straight forward