Resurfacing a Bath


Published: 19/07/2013

by Viv Halliday


It seems to be a thing that happens a lot in the older houses the baths are either pitted and marked, have been painted unsuccessfully before or are a lovely shade of Pink!!!

The bath at this reno was solid but really not presentable. Our usual don't spend money where you don't have to applied so what to do ...
To remove the bath meant extra cost in removing asbestos sheeting, and getting the carpenter in and new replacement sheets.  All of this was going to add up to a pretty penny

I called Stephen from Dudley and Sons who was really helpful and he gave me a quote and I got my Reno Save discount and booked myself in for a "Like New bath!"


The process was really easy - these guys have done it a million times before and are really helpful and professional.


No Mess, No Fuss for Real


BAth Before  This is the bath before.  It has seen better days but it is a nice deep bath and solid
 masking the bath The boys were really careful about looking after everthing and made sure things were masked up 
 Bath cleaning Now this is not your everyday cleaner and it really is strong smelling stuff so if you have babies around  I'd take them out for the day 
 cleaning After the cleaning it's ready to get down to business.  Dust is the enemy so it's not a good idea to have these guys in when you have other tradesman that may be making a mess
 ventaliation Ventilation is also really important - the chemicals they use are really strong.
 bath finished

 And Wow what a difference.  The bath looks like brand new and took about 4 hours.

You just need to keep it dry and  prevent anything from dropping on it for a day.